Known to the world as Bhutan, the last of Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom; the Land of the Thunder Dragon. This remote mystical country is still one of the most unspoiled places of the world. Sandwich between two giant countries of the world, China to its North and to its South India. Bhutan has wide gametes of flora and fauna, ranging from Sub-Tropical to Alpine Forest. The small population over half a million lives in panoramic villages scattered along the mountain slopes and valleys.

Hidden for years from the occidental tourist, now this Thunder Dragon Kingdom has opened its gates to the disabling travelers in search of rare and singular experiences. Open to tourist in 1974 upon the coronation of present king, His majesty the King Jigmi Singye Wangchuk, Bhutan became one of the world’s most exclusive destinations.

The spectacular panorama and ever inspiring views to one of the most beautiful places invite many tourists. The gander of mountain peaks, the lust green valleys, the pure clean air, the dense forest filled with rare flowers and diverse wild lives, the unique architecture, art and culture and above all the delightful people who make the soul smile. All these the people of the world make their trip to Bhutan to taste the pure art of real living.’,